As the end of the year approaches, patients will want to make sure that they use their vision plan benefits for eye exams or allowances toward new eyewear. That results in a sudden influx of patients who want to beat the “use-it-or-lose-it” clock — even if some of these benefits are available into the next calendar year. Here are some ways to make sure you can end your year on a strong note, without being overwhelmed on the last week of the year.

Start Recalling Now

Call or contact your patients now who had eye exams in the last few months of 2018. For those who are eligible for a new exam now, suggest that they might want to come in sooner to avoid the end-of-the-year rush. If patients have a plan that requires a 366-day wait between service dates, try to get those patients on the book or confirm those appointments for the first available time.

Mention Spending Accounts At Every Visit

Be sure to tell patients that most services and products sold at your office are eligible for health spending account or flexible spending account purchases. Some patients may not be aware that they may be able to use their cards for purchases in an eye care provider’s office. Doctors and staff can plant the seed that patients can use any remaining funds on a second pair of eyewear, great sunglasses or an annual supply of contact lenses.

Encourage Patients To shop For Themselves

The holiday shopping season is just around the corner. Encourage adults to splurge on themselves a little this holiday season with a fresh and fun look.

While all of these strategies could work year-round, there’s something about the end-of-the-year urgency to get medical visits scheduled and prescriptions refilled that makes these messages resonate more. Patients who may be hesitant to tap into their health or flex accounts earlier in the year because they don’t know if they’ll need the funds for something big can now revisit the idea and easily justify that purchase of computer eyewear or sunglasses.