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Contact Lens Programs To Keep You Competitive

Because contact lens wearers generate higher annual revenue and profits than ‘eyeglass-only’ patients, buying the right product mix at the right price points is crucial to retaining those patients — and to increasing margin. HEA offers access to pricing and rebate programs that position you to do both.

All HEA Contact Lens Vendors

Whether you’re looking for best prices on the newest brands, specialty lenses, fully customizable GP lenses ­— or a one-stop shop for all — our relationships with the industry’s top manufacturers and distributors deliver the most aggressive discounts and comprehensive choices available.

ABB Optical Group

800.852.8089 | abboptical.com


800.525.2470 | acculens.com



800.241.5999 | alcon.com

Art Optical

Soft Lenses: Intelliwave, KeraSoft;
GP Lenses – Presbyopic: Renovation Multifocal, EXPERT Progressive, mPower!, Bi expert, CLASIKcn, SoClear Progressive, MagniClear, MagniClear plus, Boston MultiVision, One Piece Bifocal;
GP Lenses – Scleral: Ampleye, Rose K2 XL, SoClear;
GP Lenses – Special Options: Rose K2, ACE, AKS, Paragon CRT, GP Torics, Reverse Geometry, X-Chrom;
GP Lenses – Single Vision: Thinsite 2, Achievement, Artcon

800.253.9364 | artoptical.com

Bausch + Lomb

800.828.9030 | bausch.com


Avaira Vitality, Biofinity, Biomedics, clariti 1 day, ClearSight, Expressions, Frequency, Hydrasoft, MyDay, Proclear, Proclear 1 Day, Vertex Toric

800.753.9727 | coopervision.com

E-Dr. Network LLC

800.540.0337 | e-dr.com

Essilor Contact Lens

800.366.3933 | essilorcontacts.com

GP Specialists Inc

800.889.0379 | gpspecialists.com

Johnson & Johnson Vision


800.874.5278 | acuvue.com

Nassau OOGP Vision Group

800.526.0313 | nassau247.com

Optical Connection Inc

888.556-6567 | opticonnection.com

Polyvue Distribution

877.734.2010 | polyvue.com


877.733.2012 | synergeyes.com

United Contact Lens

800.446.1666 | unitedcontactlens.com

Valley Contax

800.547.8815 | valleycontax.com

Visionary CL

800.488.2020 | visionarylens.com

X-Cel Contacts

800.241.9312 | xcelspecialtycontacts.com

Bausch & Lomb

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