Improve order accuracy and reduce turnaround time on your frame, lab and contact lens orders with hundreds of suppliers, using Red Tray’s NEW Online Ordering Service powered by VisionWeb.

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Manage Orders To Multiple Suppliers At One Site

Red Tray members can now place/track frame, lab and contact lens orders with one login at rather than phoning, faxing and using multiple sites to order from our 200+ suppliers. Best of all, ordering on is free and you still receive your maximum Red Tray discounts on all orders placed online.

Benefits Of Online Ordering:

   • One-stop Shopping – Place orders at your convenience, 24/7 to hundreds
      of connected vendors. The vendor does not need to be open to receive the
      order electronically.
   • Direct-to-supplier Orders – Online orders are received and begin processing
      sooner than orders that have to be phoned or faxed in.
   • Customized Online Catalogs – Order accurately based on the product
      specifications provided by your vendor, reducing call-backs and re-dos.
   • Online Order Tracking And Archiving – Access order status information to
      help manage customer expectations and archive completed orders to keep
      you organized.
   • Trace File Uploading – Attach a trace file to your spectacle lens orders for
      the most accurate lens processing from your supplier.
   • Consistent Pricing And Billing – Maintain your pricing relationships and
      buying group discounts with your vendors as you would with any other
      ordering method. Billing will continue directly from your vendors.

Ordering Support

Online ordering at is free. To get started, just click here to register your practice and add your vendor accounts. Once your accounts are validated, you can start ordering. If, at any time, you need ordering assistance, please contact VisionWeb Customer Service directly at 800.874.6601 or e-mail

Download and print these ‘Quick Order Guides’ for easy reference when placing and tracking each type of order: