As a Red Tray member, you’ll always receive the full published discount — regardless of your monthly volume — from each of our partner lab and frame vendors. Red Tray membership is also unique in that the more lab volume you bill through your Red Tray account, the less you pay for both your lab services and your frames.

Not a member? Click here for an example of how you could be taking hundreds more straight to your bottom line every month. Membership is FREE.

Access Your Statement Online 24 Hours A Day

No more waiting for your statement to arrive in the mail! As a Red Tray member, you can just log in at the 7th of each month to access your current statement as well as those from previous months. For most members, this means at least three extra days to reconcile vendor accounts before payment is due! We will even send you a reminder via e-mail each month letting you know your statement has been posted. Login to view your online statement now.

About Your Billing

You will pay Red Tray for all supplies purchased with your Red Tray account number. Every vendor from whom you have purchased (using your Red Tray member number/vendor drop-ship number) each month will send us an invoice. Red Tray will consolidate your invoices and send you a monthly statement (one page per vendor).

To receive full discounts, your payment is due in our office by the 20th of each month. You will receive an e-mail notifying you that your statement is available to view online (and your paper statement will be mailed) no later than the 7th. Click here for answers to additional questions you might have about your billing or call Red Tray Member Services toll-free at 800.416.7676.

3 Easy Ways To Pay

Pay Online
For your convenience, Red Tray offers i-drafts online direct drafts service. Simply go to to log in the 7th of each month, review your statement over our secure connection, then click the i-drafts button to authorize payment. No checks to write, no payments to mail, no postage. Click here for more information about this exclusive service.

Automatic Payments
You can also elect to have your Red Tray statement amount automatically drafted from your account the 19th of each month. Click here for details.

Pay By Mail
Red Tray
P. O. Box 820411
Vicksburg, MS 39182-0411

Billing Inquiries

Red Tray Member Service representatives are available to answer your billing and payment questions Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST, but you may find a quick answer in the responses to our frequently asked questions. If not, please don’t hesitate to call 800.416.7676, click ‘Help Desk’ below for online customer service, or e-mail us at