“Since 1983, we have provided volume discounts on frames, contact lenses and practice management services, all designed to increase your profitability. And now, I am pleased to introduce Red Tray, a ‘lab focused’ purchasing group that offers independent eyecare practitioners maximum discounts on optical lab services and frames. Please consider this my invitation to join Red Tray and enjoy a high level of personal service and ‘no hassle’ maximum discounts from America’s best labs.”
                                                          — Jerry Hayes, OD, President, Red Tray 

Want to lower your lab and frame costs?
You’re going to like this!

Red Tray challenges the traditional approach to optical purchasing by offering you maximum available discounts from every optical lab and every frame manufacturer on our extensive vendor list. It’s a simple, straightforward business model and the result of months of negotiating with leading optical labs.

Red Tray — the next giant leap in practice profitability.

Since I left private practice in 1986, my focus has been on helping independent eyecare practitioners maximize their profitability — first with Hayes Marketing, then with HMI Buying Group (still America’s leading buying group for independent optometrists, opticians and dispensing ophthalmologists) and in recent years, with Hayes Consulting.

Red Tray takes the next step by offering you the best discount package ever on all your frame and optical lab purchases.
It’s the first-ever purchasing group that lets you leverage your lab volume to pay less for both your lab services and your frames.

How It Works